Is it safe to use Kinesio Tape on kids?

ab-kinesio-babiesKinesio Tape is a noninvasive therapeutic modality that promotes muscle and joint alignment, reduces pain and edema, and can help to facilitate or inhibit muscle activation. The key is in the application. There are many tricks to the application process including direction, tension, and even the cut of the tape. Kinesio has come out with many books, articles, and websites for educational purposes to ensure that the user of the tape is competent and confident in their skills prior to application of the tape.

Kinesio tape first gained popularity in the 2008 Olympic Games. But since then, it is being used much more broadly. It continues to be used by extreme athletes for many reasons, but is also commonly used by everyday folks for their own fitness and work out needs. Kinesio tape is largely used by clinicians such as Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists as well as Chiropractors to address specific rehabilitation needs.

tort-kinesio-babyKinesio Tape is being used with kids as well. Kinesio has come out with a book just for Pediatrics with great pictures and how to instructions. Kinesio Tape is a great modality for kids because it is nonrestrictive. Children enjoy the bright colors and after its initial application, they usually forget they even have it on. The tape is 100% cotton so it has a minimal risk for irritation to the skin. Kinesio tape is used for many diagnosis and indications. Some examples include abdominal taping to activate the trunk of children with low tone such as with Down Syndrome. Also, Kinesio tape can be used for alignment and support of a neglected upper extremity such as with a child recovering from a stroke, a child who has Cerebral Palsy, or a child that has had a brain tumor.

Kinesio-Taping-Pediatrics-Book_imgAnother example is to improve the alignment of the neck of a child with Torticollis. There are countless applications to the body and with a skilled clinician that is trained and certified in Kinesio Tape application, this can be a very effective modality to assist a child with motor skills. Kinesio Tape is being used in Children’s Hospitals, private practice clinics, and in Home Health Therapy settings. Kinesio offers a Pediatric Taping course so it is best to use a clinician that has been especially trained for the use of the tape on kids.

-Andrea, MOT/OTR

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