What is so special about the Maroon Spoon?

Mabel-maroonspoonsThe Maroon Spoon is a popular item among Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists for feeding therapy. If someone you love is having difficulty with feeding or maybe your child is just starting to eat, a therapist may recommend the Maroon Spoon. So what makes the Maroon Spoon so special? It basically looks like a regular baby/child sized spoon. While it does seem similar, there are in fact a few characteristics of the Maroon Spoon that make it pretty cool. The spoon itself is not magical, obviously, but often kids learn to eat better using this spoon. Here’s why. This spoon has a very shallow bowl meaning that anyone that has decreased lip closure or decreased oral motor strength, coordination, and general oral motor skills will have an easier time removing the food (bolus) from this spoon. If a person has some of the deficits listed above and are using a regular spoon to eat, often the food is actually left on the spoon after the spoon has been removed from their mouth. This means the individual is not getting the food from the spoon properly and likely are needing to dump the food into their mouth instead of sweeping the food from the spoon with their lips.

Maroon Spoons are smooth, light, and solid plastic which makes them acceptable to those with oral sensitivities and hypersensitivities. As mentioned above the Maroon Spoon does look similar to a baby spoon but actually they come in two sizes (small and large) so it can also be used for older children and even adults. Maroon Spoons are generally recommended by an occupational therapist or a speech therapist. So, likely the individual is receiving therapy services when they are recommended to use a Maroon Spoon so this will double their opportunity for improvement in eating already! The therapist will usually provide 1 or 2 Maroon Spoons to the client and after that they may require the client to get more on their own.

So what’s so great about the Maroon Spoon? In a nutshell, it has a shallow bowl that makes getting food from the spoon much easier for the user. They cost ONE Dollar; yes $1. These spoons are great for typically developing children too!! And if you love maroon, that’s just a bonus! They only cost $1 at Full Range Therapy Supplies online therapy supply store; double bonus!! I hope that helps! Need Maroon Spoons? Visit frtherapysupplies.com to order.