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NUK Massage Brush


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The Nuk Massage brush is a versatile oral motor tool that can be used for a variety of functions.  They are often utilized during oral motor exercises by an occupational therapist or a speech therapist to improve oral awareness, oral motor coordination, and overall tongue and oral function.  Nuk brushes can be used on the inside of the mouth as well as on the outside of the mouth.  The Nuk brush has a smooth handle that makes working in the mouth comfortable and safe for the clinician or caregiver.  The nubby brush tips are soft and textured which are perfect for a teething infant.  The Nuk Brush also offers a comfortable gum massage and is perfect for lip, cheek, and tongue stimulation and exercises.  It can help to facilitate tongue mobility, oral awareness, and even address desensitization.  The Nuk brush is also a good tool for introducing pureed foods.

Wash with warm soapy water.  Nuk Brushes are not dishwasher safe.  Nuk brushes should not be shared.  Adult Supervision required.  Latex Free.


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