Oral Motor Therapy Products
Oral Motor Tools

Oral Motor tools play an important part in increasing the muscle tone/ strength to help make feeding and speech possible. These products include Chewy Tubes, Nuk Brushes, Specialty Spoons, Oral Probes and more!

Full Range Therapy Supplies is a Houston based company that provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy tools and equipment, including Kinesio® Tape, directly to you.  With experience in hospitals, private practice, and home health settings, Full Range Therapy Supplies knows the therapy world.  We distribute traditional products such as Nosey Cups, Nuk Massage Brushes, Chewy Tubes, Sensory Brushes, and Maroon Spoons and are always looking for new items!  Full Range Therapy Supplies is growing quickly and we look forward to serving you.   We offer FREE SHIPPING for any order over $100 that is shipped within the United States.

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