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Kinesio Pro Scissors with Holster


Kinesio Scissors made especially for working with sticky adhesives. Easy to use and Easy to Clean!

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The best scissors! Every pair of Kinesio Pro Scissors is forged of high quality carbon stainless steel and double-coated for clean cutting. Kinesio Pro scissors are designed specifically for use with tapes and adhesives. Carefully crafted using the best available technology, Kinesio Pro Scissors ensure that every cut is a clean and easy as the first   Kinesio Pro Scissors also come with a Kinesio Pro Scissor Holster allowing you to protect your new Kinesio Pro Scissors while keeping them right by your side. The Kinesio Pro Scissor Holster can either be clipped to your waistband or looped through your belt for extra security. The Kinesio Pro Scissor Holster is constructed of durable synthetic leather and is double-stitched in areas for added strength.

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